A while ago, Life, Destiny and Rob brought me in a great trip to Tokyo!

( Cheers!)

As a huge fan of urban photography, you can imagin’ what a thrill was to me to pack the camera and fly to the country of pretty people and mind blowing architecture.

I took a lot of shots,Β  i did a snapshot of almost every corner here and there, ignoring the fact i look like a silly tourist… Ah, and those night walks… good times, good times!

A couple of years after, im getting back to these photographs and i think its worth choosing some of them to post in here. If you feel like doing some urban diving with me, scroll down to discover Tokyo – city of heights and lights!

Toilet with kids playground in its front, Tokyo Center 2013

Human Silhouette walking in the middle of the night in a well lit street, long exposure photography

Tokyo's streets by night. long exposure photography

Tokyo's streets by night - Cars waiting for the green light

Tokyo streets, summer 2013

Train stop shop, Tokyo center, 2013

Summer Morning in Tokyo - Japanese kids biking to school

Elevator lines in Tokyo

Side street in Tokyo

Bike portrait, Tokyo
Night looks surreal at the Central Business Districts in Tokyo, one can barely see humans and it is soo strangely quiet .
Parking in Tokyo
Tokyo central station from Marunouchi hotel

Night time by the river - urban Tokyo, 2013

Huge glass sculpture in Tokyo city center
Huge glass sculpture in Tokyo city center