VisualOptimist at Dada Cultural bar Sofia

Dada cultural bar is an adorable cozy art place in the perfect center of Sofia. Its atmosphere is so nice so you definitely wanna become a regular visitor the first time you go there.

Didn’t think much when i got to the point to hang some of my works on the walls there.
A month after i’m doing an exhibition opening!


Collected some of my latest drawings, made some tiny tweaks here and there so they feel home at Dada’s interior colours, and ta daa – all done – from an idea over a beer – to reality!

Was worth it printing on canvas, felt so proud once unpacked the prints! Such a catchy look they have now!

Well, go see it yourself – all there till 29th of November 2017! πŸ˜‰

So little photos of the real event, tho! (more coming soon)



For the biggest fans during the opening ;), i provided two more size options – except the original 30×60 cm canvas, people were able to get these colorful princesses as 32×45 cm paper prints.

Those, accompanied by a small version of A5 poscards – both on a beautiful 300 gr high quality paper.

Too many of them are still left in storage, so if you are interested – feel free to reserve what you like by dropping me a line via this contact form here.