Utopian challenge

…or the free will to imagin’ Chekhov’s play performed by monsters.


 Kids these days  

Mona Chromia

I use to draw a lot on paper. I would obsessively curve pretty strokes, almost the same way as an art nouveau artists would do it, just because i loved the way my hand was moving, almost dancing on the white surface. I remember when brush would lead my hand to a corner of the…


Pleasant nostalgic thoughts strike often when im thinking about my past times in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia.. As a stage design student i got the privilege to suck up some knowledge from one of the best academic minds i’ve ever met. For sure, one of them, is my Costume Design teacher…

Drama queen moods

The constant feel that the rain is long gone but you still got the blues. (4 part series, also available as high quality wall prints)  


Gummos are a bunch of black gummy rabbits that barely move or react unless provoked by strange events. Been lazily living in a testing lab for ages, yet scientist still struggle to find any pattern or consistency of their behavior.