Bye 2018

чао 2018! — Благодаря… за всички улучени и не толкова улучени фото моменти, за всички изгубени съобщения, за покаялите се непукисти, …за всички хубави мисли, за сладките моменти.


Just another random selection of my sketches

VisualOptimist at Dada Cultural bar Sofia

Dada cultural bar is an adorable cozy art place in the perfect center of Sofia. Its atmosphere is so nice so you definitely wanna become a regular visitor the first time you go there. The place gathers old and young artists, making such good environment for discussions, musical experiments and turns out to be a…

Drama queen moods

The constant feel that the rain is long gone but you still got the blues. (4 part series, also available as high quality wall prints)