Street dogs of Sofia

Старите Кучаци вече си имат истории, описани майсторки от Петя Кокудева. С превода помогна Марина Демирчева. Сърдечно ви благодаря Finally these old fellows got their funny stories done! All, skillfully written by Petya Kokudeva and translated by Marina Demircheva! Thank you soo much, ladies! 1. Здрасти, аз съм Ромео. Кръстиха ме така, защото много обичах…


Just another random selection of my sketches


VisualOptimist at Dada Cultural bar, Sofia, Bulgaria Dada cultural bar is an adorable cozy art place in the perfect center of Sofia. Its atmosphere is so nice so you definitely wanna become a regular visitor the first time you go there. The place gathers old and young artists, making such good environment for discussions, musical…

Utopian challenge

…or the free will to imagin’ Chekhov’s play performed by monsters. And yes, they all have an eye issue.